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Category: History

Discover what Vikings did when they were at home in this fun medieval history and literature podcast about the Icelandic sagas. Hosted by two medieval literature professors with beards.

Episode 10a - The Saga of Hallfred Troublesome-Poet

September 17, 2014

In this episode, we continue our journey through the Sagas of Warrior-Poets in The Saga of Hallfred Troublesome-Poet.  Though you've never heard of him, this court poet for 3 of Scandinavia's greatest rulers is actually quite famous.  As his nickname suggests Hallfred's poetry often lands him in hot water.  He's a suave lover, a witty poet, and a capable warrior.  We'll sample some of the poetry that made him famous, examine his difficult conversion to Christianity, and cheer as he gouges out the eyes of his enemies.  There's plenty of action and adventure here, with a fair amount of hot lovin' too.  But it's Hallfred's relationship with King Olaf Tryggvason that really makes this one special.  We hope you enjoy.